Why are Java and J2EE Developers Looking for Work?

I can’t believe that there are Java developers sitting around unemployed, but yes it’s true. Had drinks tonight with a few friends, two of whom are Java developers recently arrived from Germany. Lured by reports of skill shortages and hankering for the clean air and natural environment of NZ, they packed their bags and headed down under.

With good English language skills and a solid track record of projects behind them, you would think they would be snapped up. Not so. They are facing the same uphill battle that many migrants face…no Kiwi experience, no job.

Java has become the “lingua franca” for many important business projects in both the public and corporate sector here in Wellington. With the flow of grads having reduced to a trickle, it would be great if employers could connect to new migrants who have the appropriate skills and attitude. Give these guys a break.

What I can’t believe is that we are wringing our hands and planning an industry initiative to upskill brand new I.S. grads with zero experience and attract them into Java, when there is a steady stream of arrivals from offshore who could fill the shortfall in the interim.

If you are an employer with a position or can help with networking, please email me or post below. If you are a recruiter and trying to fill your quota, please don’t bother me unless you are actually willing to put people in front of some interviews. ‘Nuff said.

3 thoughts on “Why are Java and J2EE Developers Looking for Work?

  1. I’m pleased to say we are already making some headway on this issue by putting it out to the wider network. Having new migrants do contract work for existing clients back home is also an approach we are exploring quite seriously because it then becomes a services export opportunity for NZ.

    I will post a progress report on this blog over the next few weeks.

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