Virtual Collaboration

I’ve just rediscovered a neat Blog by Roger Dennis, who I met last year.

One of his articles links to a useful case study about running a virtual workshop. Something we have long dreamed about doing on ION. Whilst the tools employed in this case were not highly sophisticated, it proves the point. You don’t have to burn up carbon credits to share knowledge across international borders.

Last year, as an extramural post-grad student at Massey University, I was involved in trialling an online tutorial application called Breeze. The technology allows the tutor to guide the discussion using text and audio, as well as pushing out artefacts to the students such as images and diagrams. One of our classmates was on dialup Internet from Fiji and managed to get most of what was being delivered. Still has a few bugs to iron out, but a tool with huge potential for conducting remote learning.

So the message is that yes we can learn and collaborate using computer aided interactivity.

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