Crossing the Creative Chasm

exploreI have often thought that technology entrepreneurs have a great deal in common with artists. They are creative and passionate about their work, they need a healthy sense of self-belief and they must both struggle to have their creative output adopted by the mainstream.

Amanda Tomasoa is an Auckland artist whose colourful work reflects her passion for life and a love for the people that she encounters. Like many artists (and entrepreneurs) she has had her ups and downs as she sought to establish herself on the local scene. Choosing a “go-to-market” strategy can be as difficult for an artist as it is for a technology entrepreneur.

Fortunately her work is highly attractive to the eye, reasonably priced and makes great talking pieces for corporate foyers to domestic living spaces. Her abstracts in particular have received acclaim and sell steadily. She has even been approached by galleries as far away as New York who sense there is a market for vibrant Asia-Pacific works. New Zealand’s reputation for unique brilliance in creative endeavours still carries some weight.

 But you can’t ship artwork over the Internet, airfreight costs a lot and you also want to know you are getting your money up front first. It’s a problem. You can however licence images, create a fashion franchise and export your creativity in other ways – which is what Amanda really wants to do. She just needs someone to help make it happen.

Contact Amanda through her website or meet up with her at the Idealog/AUT Innovation Series launch event.

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