Mobile is King in Developing Nations

Young people obviously have way too much time on their hands these days judging by the volume of bizarre content sitting around on servers out there. It must be a great time to be a hardware manufacturer. But is anyone actually making any revenue by hosting and sharing the stuff? Perhaps the trick is to guess which kind of hardware is going to win out and become a reseller or manufacturer?

When you think about developing countries, my guess is that mobile devices like phones, notebooks and i-Pods already way outnumber PCs. That leaves us wondering what kind of content sharing and business applications could be usefully deployed to cater for mobile but connected users. I’m involved with a project in India at present looking at this very problem, having last year successfully assisted a New Zealand digital technology exporter to find a product champion in this market. We find that the number of mobile users to (reportedly) be a staggering 115 million, whereas the number of individuals with direct access to a PC is only about 40 million. In fact if you look up almost any source it’s clear where the growth path lies.

With this in mind, a New Zealand startup venture called Voeveo has set out to corner the market on mobile content by devising a trading portal that allows mobile content producers to market and sell their wares online. It will be interesting to see how this evolves, given the high global growth rates in mobile phone usage.

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