Govt. Gets Wise to Web 2.0

David Cunliffe outlined his government’s ICT agenda in a speech to public service CIOs last week. As minister of all things to do with ICT as well as economic development, he is in a unique position to influence outcomes. Achieving better productivity and enhanced connectivity has never been more important to our economic well being. So it bodes well that we have a Minister who is fronting up and paying attention to the very industry that can enable those things.

At the same event, visiting experts implored the government to get on board with Web 2.0 and start using web technologies to engage with its constituency. The State Services Commission have (finally) heard this message and are now involved in developing a state services framework for online participation.

To their credit the commission have invited a small community of interest to contribute to the policy formation process. Encouragingly, the consultation process makes use of the very technologies being proposed as part of a new toolset to bring government agencies closer to the people.

The only variable missing from the equation is that the government heads of departments have not yet been widely consulted on the policy proposal. Government agencies are brimming over with staff and there is an election looming on the horizon. Implementing an e-participation plan that actually empowers the public, increases transparency and contributes to productivity may yet prove unpalatable within certain quarters. A few government agencies are already well advanced in their use of Web 2.0 technologies and having a cross government standard, sooner rather than later, would be a good thing for service providers and the public who will be the end users.

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  1. Terrence Wood has provided a page of links to all the online video presentations from GOVIS. Note: The volunteers still have to convert to Mac-friendly formats, which will take a couple of weeks.

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