Scaling Up Kiwi Tech All About Attitude

Serial technology entrepreneur Selwyn Pellett makes a strong case for scaling up tech sector businesses in a frank interview posted on M-Net earlier this year.  From humble beginnings as a telco engineer to CEO owner of one of New Zealand’s hottest technology firms, Pellett has lived the dream and survived to tell the story.

Pellett’s company Endace is one of a small handful of high growth firms that have kept faithful to their Kiwi roots whilst building revenues into tens of millions. In fact Pellet has set his eye on $100 million plus in revenue and sees little downside. It’s that kind of focus that makes the difference between enduring a mediocre performance or riding a sky rocket to the moon, says Pellett who wants to see more Kiwi firms reach for the stars.

By setting goals high plus leveraging executive sales expertise in big markets like the U.S., Pellett reckons NZ tech firms can indeed go stellar. But it takes determination, long hours of work and lots of travel, he says. The Endace story revolves around a great piece of technology and some good timing. But it is equally about attitude.

There’s now a new multimedia resource available called the Leadership Pathway that provides videocasts of well known New Zealand technology entrepreneurs as they share their inspirational personal journeys in life and business. Cultivating a highly aspirational mindset amongst the next generation of innovators suddenly seems more important than ever.

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