Webstock Show Hits Town

Web 2.0 luminati from New Zealand and abroad roll into Wellington this week for the annual Webstock event. The festival of web design, innovation and usability has risen to such fame that Google have even come to the party with sponsorship.

As the centre of the digitally creative universe in New Zealand it is entirely appropriate that the event is hosted in the heart of Wellington city; long may it continue to do so. The fact that the workshops are already sold out is a testament to the brilliant work done by the locally based organising committee as this event goes from strength to strength. Well done people.

And if you missed out on a place, we hear that presentations will be available on the highly “user-centric” and “content-oriented” website in due course.

Webstock – 11-15th Feb, 2008 – Wellington Town Hall

2 thoughts on “Webstock Show Hits Town

  1. No I did not attend as it is more to do with web standards and usability etc which is a bit out outside my field of interest. But friends of mine who did attend say it was most worthwhile.

    Since that event we have learned that Wellington has signed a “Digital Cities” agreement with San Francisco to encourage greater collaboration. Exactly what this means in practicality is not yet clear but it sure can’t hurt to better formalise links to the region that is essentially the global capital for digital entrepreneurship.


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