ION e-Letter May/June 2010

GeniusNet is proud to host the ION e-Letter. ION is New Zealand’s original virtual community forum for innovators, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. 

ION is kindly supported by EGL, Revera and iWantMyName.

During 2010 we are moving to an opt-in newsletter format for ION. Through our relationship with Silicon Valley based we can now offer you a weekly digest update of tech/biz/startup events across New Zealand. To check out the latest NZ digest, follow this short link:

Hit the subscription button within the digest to get a weekly update of events in New Zealand and please let us know if you have a technology, innovation or startup event or a cool product launch that you wish to promote. Also, if you are heading offshore on company business, don’t forget to check out other regional Startup Digest event listings.

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